Our People

Our People

Annie Paterson is the founder and owner of Nullamunjie Olive Groves.

Annie is from a family of Mountain Cattlemen and grew up in the Omeo district on the family cattle property.
Since childhood Annie has had a passion for ancient Greek history so it was natural when she first travelled overseas in her twenties that she should visit Greece first. She was immediately struck by the similarities in climate and terrain to her home, and fell in love with the beautiful and tough olive trees she saw thriving in these harsh conditions.

Her father was not convinced, however, and it was not for another twenty years that Annie purchased the Nullamunjie property from her father and set about establishing the olive groves.
As Annie had long believed, the climate, the soil and the aspect of Nullamunjie has proved ideal for growing olives and producing top quality extra virgin olive oil.

Annie is the oil presser at Nullamunjie and does the cooking in the restaurant.

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Thanks to our lovely customers, we have unfortunately sold out of both our 2L casks and 500ml bottles of our award-winning oil. Our 2024 season oil will be available for order from the 3rd of June.

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Nullamunjie Olive Oil.