Olive Oil


The taste of fresh, new season’s olive oil is a revelation to most people. Unlike supermarket offerings – our extra virgin olive oil has freshness and flavour.

We want all who use Nullamunjie olive oil to derive the maximum pleasure from using it in cooking and dressing their food, as well as the maximum health benefits. Nullamunjie olive oil is extra virgin olive oil which means that it is not refined but is the natural “juice” of the olive extracted by, formerly, a mechanical screw press and in modern times by centrifuge. By contrast, refined olive oil is made by chemically extracting the last few percentage points of oil remaining in the pomace, or waste, from the extra virgin extraction process, or from old or faulty oils to remove any nasty odours and flavours.

The resulting oil is both colourless, odourless and flavourless, besides having none of the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. This oil then has a very small amount of extra virgin olive oil added back into it to give it some colour and flavour, and is then sold variously as ‘lite’ oil, refined oil or pomace oil. This is why we’re passionate about delivering high-quality extra virgin olive oil to Australians.

Unlike wine, olive oil loses flavour as it ages and ideally should be consumed within 18 months to two years from when the olives are harvested.

Nullamunjie is a true single estate olive oil, grown, pressed and bottled on the estate. The olives are processed within 2-4 hours of being harvested fresh from the trees. Nullamunjie Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a robustly fruity oil with excellent complexity of flavours and length of pepper, and a beautiful herbaceous aroma. As with all olive oils classified as extra virgin, acidity levels are less than 0.8%.

In the case of Nullamunjie extra virgin olive oil considerably less, never having exceeded 0.2%.